Mens group

3rd Monday of every month

6:30 PM

Building community among men and developing their spiritual walk is incredibly important. Families, societies, and nations are built upon the leadership of men and it starts in their own homes. Where men are being strong men of God, women and children flourish and are blessed. This group welcomes men of all ages to challenge, pray for, and encourage one another.

womens group

1st Monday of every month

6:30 PM

Women of Truth is a women's group for all ages to come and fellowship. There is worship, mentorship, accountability, and prayer. Jeannie heads up this ministry with the foundation coming from the command in Titus 2:4 where "the older women should teach the younger." Recognizing that women in all walks and stages of life have something to offer, these women come together to pray for and learn from one another. Be sure to check the calendar for the next meeting!

community bible study

3rd Tuesday of every month 10:00 AM

Community Bible Study is a casual and relaxed time of teaching that will deepen your relationship with the Father, increase your knowledge of Jesus Christ and help you know what it means to live from His finished work in your life. You will have the opportunity to listen to the Word taught, ask questions, and connect with other believers from your community.

The Senior Care Team is dedicated to helping the elderly of our community with visitation, ministry, and emotional support.  This incredible ministry is one that takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are elderly, sick, or disabled. The focus here is to seek those that cannot come to church in the traditional sense. Instead of inviting them to community, we take the community to them! This richly rewarding ministry often takes place in local nursing homes but is also found in hospitals, hospice centers etc.


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